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Wake Forest Martial Arts

Life-changing classes in self-defense, fitness & weight loss, and a more focused, confident life.

Hello and welcome,

We are Rob and Guy Pendergrass, owners and chief instructors of our martial arts school here in Wake Forest. We've dedicated our lives to bringing physical and spiritual benefits of martial arts to our community; we're honored that you're thinking of joining in our adventures! Martial arts, in all forms, is unique and extraordinary when compared to other forms of sport.

Be a part of amazing history while getting lean, toned, and fit.

Imagine being part of thousands of years of's kind of mind blowing when you think about it, but, we don't just "work out" - we learn techniques and skills that were used in epic, historical battles and for mind/body fitness of some of the most influential and famous people in the entire world!

Have FUN no matter what your starting level is. We have a blast in class for sure, but, we also learn a lot too. Classes are made for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes. No matter what your starting point is, one thing is for sure... you will improve based upon your personal goals with our programs.

A community hot spot you can call "home". Our school itself has become a community hot spot for learning and growth - we'd love nothing more than for you to become a part of it. That way you too can enrich your life, learn self-defense, and get in great shape too.

Start to live the life of your dreams! We all need support for that scary first step towards change, we've got your back!

Within just two short weeks you'll reignite your passion for life and gain such a profound sense of well-being from the mental aspects of martial arts. After all, for thousands of years, martial arts has been a tool for inner-growth and development - the increased energy that comes from getting in good physical shape gives you a boost to bring even more fulfilling activities into your life too. Some of the differences you'll feel within the first two weeks are...

...your hard work and patience paying off as you strive to perfect each move, building an amazing sense of discipline, focus and determination.

...your passionate desire to advance through the ranks increasing by developing new goal setting techniques and follow through with your renewed sense of ambition.

...the rush of passing tests and seeing how far you've come while building confidence and pride.

But it doesn't stop there! You'll also learn self-defense to keep your loved ones safe and sound. You may never have to use these skills in a real-life situation, in fact we hope you never have to, but just knowing that you CAN protect yourself will give you peace of mind.

The confidence you'll exude is typically enough to diffuse most situations before they even arise. After all, attackers like to focus in on weak individuals. When you emit strength, confidence and pride - it's enough to keep most of them at bay.

Helping you succeed in martial arts is the only goal of our Wake Forest program. Everyone here - each of our martial arts instructors - is passionate about helping you succeed, have a ton of fun, and really enjoy the time you spend here.

Your life is about to become amazing in a whole new way! At the top of this page you'll find our programs, click on one that interests you to learn about the classes our Wake Forest school offers. Then...

Check out the super-low web specials going on right now. They won't last long, and are only available on the website. They have a 100% money back guarantee supporting them so you can try us out and see if we're a good fit.

If not, then no worries. You can take advantage of the risk-free guarantee and invest in yourself in other ways.

Of course, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (919) 819-1908 so we can talk you through signup. But the web-special is only available on our website, so don't short change yourself. At least take a look at it to see what you'd be missing!

After that, simply stop by and try out the program that's best-suited for you! It's just that easy, and we'll be here to guide you the entire time.

We can't wait to see all of the wonderful ways martial arts impacts your life too!

See you soon,
Rob and Guy Pendergrass
Master Instructors, Pendergrass Academy of Martial Arts
Wake Forest Martial Arts

Parents - and teachers - are gladly surprised by how these kids martial arts classes build respect... confidence... leadership skills... and focus in kids of all ages.

Kids have to work hard to learn moves and advance through the ranks of martial arts. This process teaches them the benefits of hard work, the virtue in patience, and the necessity of teamwork. Plus kids simply love these classes. After all, they're a ton of fun. Click now for access to our risk-free web special, and for more info.

Click here for Kids Martial Arts

Welcome to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: the only martial art that makes a person STRONGER on their back than they are on their feet. That's because BJJ is all about grappling, submission, and dominance. And as you develop your skill, your body will transform, becoming lean, strong & toned. After all, every class is a great workout that burns calories throughout your entire body.

It doesn't matter if you're standing up, laying on the ground, or somewhere in between - you'll have every tool you need to defend yourself. Great classes for people wanting to learn an intense martial art - or for people training for competitive fights.

Click here for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Come check out Muay Thai classes so awesome, our students call them “addicting.” Get an adrenaline rush every time you come as you learn lethal & vicious punch, kick, elbow & knee techniques - and get in incredible shape, fast.

Our instructors are committed to your success, and will personally work with you to make sure you master each technique. Come try it out and see for yourself why our students just can't get enough of these classes.

Click here for Muay Thai

Let your kid feel like a total rock star with our awesome kids birthday package. It's a fun, educational, structured birthday party involving martial arts... crazy-cool fun & games... pizza (of course!)... and more. Plus your kid will be the one-and-only star of the show!

They'll help teach martial arts to their friends... cut the birthday cake with a real sword (carefully supervised of course!)... and break a wooden board with just their hands or feet (if they've reached this level in their training). Guaranteed to be a safe, fun, awesome experience for your child & all of his / her friends.

Click here for Birthday Parties