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Youth Programs


Junior Champions (9-13 years old)

The Champions Program will be sure to improve your child''s focus, coordination, social interaction skills, balance, listening skills, confidence, self control, and teamwork.  Our dynamic Champions instructors build confidence in our students, and prepare them for life. On the mat students will be inspired and motivated, and instructors will build values that will transcend into success. If you are looking for your child to increase confidence, focus, self discipline, or any other of the Black Belt Principles taught at PAMA, then call today and let the transformation begin.
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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is becoming a number one choice for parents searching for martial arts training for their children. Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu focuses on realistic self-defense without the need to resort to striking.

At this age, our students begin to go beyond simple takedowns and falls and rolls. Basic Jiu-Jitsu techniques are introduced to our older kids with emphasis on escaping difficult positions and holds and controlling an opponent. These skills are crucial for older children to be able to defend themselves against a larger opponent without the need for striking.

The best defense against a bully is CONFIDENCE. The best way to win a fight is to not get into one in the first place, and our Junior Champions program will give your child the confidence and emotional strength to avoid the need for a physical altercation.

In addition to physical defensive skills, our program has added emotional growth benefits. Confidence, patience, respect and discipline are emphasized both in and out of the academy. Our kids also learn the importance of teamwork and sharing as they will constantly be working with their classmates. Better grades in school as well as better behavior at home are also a much desired benefit of our program.

Junior MMA

Junior MMA is one of the most exciting kids programs that we offer.  This program teaches children about our style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.  Both arts are blended into what is now commonly known as MMA.  Through this program, it will improve self confidence and motivate children to strive to be the best they can be.  In Jr. MMA Jiu-Jitsu, Children gain an understanding of the ground game including positional control and basic submissions.  In Jr. MMA Muay Thai, kids will successfully learn how to properly strike and block an opponent.  Striking is accomplished with hands, feet, knees and elbows.  They’ll also be trained to achieve proper blocking techniques and angles needed to avoid strikes.  Students of Jr. MMA Muay Thai will be able to effectively use the techniques to defend themselves in a stand-up confrontation.  In this portion of the class, they are shown how to control their opponent’s positions by controlling their posture.  They will learn to attack their opponent by using various techniques such as chokes, armbars and take-downs.  The MMA portion off the class is dedicated to training both parts of the Jr.  MMA together, after students master the basics.   The curriculum includes sparring, however it isn’t a requirement.  All of our instructors are highly trained and care about ‘proper instruction’ of each and every student.  All techniques are shown, broken down and taught in a slow, controlled and most importantly, supervised environment, until such a time as the instructors feel the student has mastered the technique.

All students are required to wear the proper protective equipment and gear.  The gear includes PAMA shorts, PAMA t-shirts, Jiu-Jitsu Gi, boxing gloves, wraps, and mouth piece.  We have structured classes that are specific to certain days, so be sure to pick up a schedule at the school or feel free to download one from our website.  All of our students are Champions!  Self confidence motivates us all to be the best we can be.

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3 Tips & 8 Questions You Must Ask When Checking Out a Martial Arts Academy

"The instructors are amazing, not only in skill level but also with teaching skills. They will take the time to break a move down over and over until you can get it. They have a great personality and are fun to talk with, along with the office staff they are just as much fun. I love it here and keep trying to find more ways to be involved."

Student -Christopher A.

"My daughter wanted a martial arts class to join & someone told me about Pendergrass. We''ve been here five weeks and she has learned a lot!! She enjoys each class and the instructors work very well with every age. She has more confident in her abilities. The staff is very personable and are involved. They also give the children parents and adult learners the opportunity to try out different classes. My ten year old enjoys the MMA-Muay Thai Jr. Champion & Jiu Jitsu classes. Try it & stay!"

Mom - Dee B.

"Pendergrass Academy was recommended by a friend for my 15 year old son who is just getting started. We visited other establishments and even participated in some classes but my son felt they did not teach the techniques in detail like Rob and Guy. As a parent I did not feel comfortable in other studios watching the classes, they did not appear to be designed for observation. Pendergrass has an area specifically set-up for parents and others to observe the classes. We have spent the last 30 days “checking out” Pendergrass and not felt pressured by any salesperson or instructors. In fact, my son already feels like one of the group and is comfortable with the diversity of the ages in the adult classes. We signed up this week and in spite of the drive from Raleigh to Wake Forest we feel it is well worth it"

Mom - Sandy

Adults Martial Arts

Our Adult martial arts program is geared to take our students from their current level of fitness and flexibility to a level that will empower them to accomplish their goals. They learn how to defend themselves while at the same time, get in great shape. These classes are an ideal way to build self confidence and self worth and give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacles that get in your way.

Youth Martial Arts

The Youth martial arts program has classes and curriculum that are designed specifically to instill leadership skills in our students and provide them a roadmap to success not only in martial arts, but in their lives. These classes are an ideal way to build self confidence and self worth and give them the tools they need to overcome any obstacles that get in their way.

Children's Martial Arts

The kids martial arts program focuses on the developmental growth of these students to better prepare them for their road ahead in school, at home, and in life. In addition to learning martial arts and how to defend themselves, the students will learn to interact with others and gain valuable social skills via drills and games. A large portion of this program is dedicated to teaching the students self control, focus, and confidence.